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A DOM Membership is required for content submission (unless you are a 501c3 nonprofit video and would like to submit a PSA*). If you want a regular time slot you have to commit to continually and regularly submitting shows (for either Radio or live streaming) and have at least three shows in our system when you make a Series Request for a radio or TV timeslot. You can also check out our Content Agreement Policies.

*Nonprofits can email with the same submission instructions below. Please include proof of your nonprofit status in your email.

Go Live

You can also request live timeslots on both Radio and live stream for productions in our studios or remotely! Please complete this form to request a time.

Radio Content

Upload your local content through your membership profile on our website right from your home or office! We will review it, and if it meets decency standards, we will schedule it to play. Follow these steps to submit content for our local Radio Station.

Video Content

If you live in Denver and can come to the station you can bring your content to the Station and use our computers to encode and ingest your content to our playback specifications. Please check out this guide to determining what type of content you have and how to encode it if you need to make changes to your file specs.

If you have HD Files and want to submit them to us, whether you are local or not, you can use a free Google Drive account or Dropbox for small files (usually under 1G). For larger files, you have to have a paid account for Dropbox, Google Drive account, or another similar service.

You must submit your video with DOM's file specifications.

Quick Facts for Exporting:

  • Compression: H.264 (.movs or .mp4)

  • Quality: 100%

  • Limit Data Rate to 10 Mbps (do not submit kbps)

  • ACC AUDIO - 48 kHz Audio

  • 29.97 Frame Rate

  • 1920x1080 (HD 1080i) or, if your content is not HD, 720x480 (SD)

  • FILE NAME: Do not start it with a number and do not use spaces or special characters in your file name (except for underscores).

If you edit in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can use this Media Encoder Preset in Adobe Premiere or Media Encoder. Check out our Help Menu for further details on file format specs and exporting. See this section: Converting and Exporting Video and Audio Files.

Steps for Submitting Video Content:

  1. Use the correct settings to export your video.

  2. Bring your video to DOM (or Upload your video to Google Drive, Dropbox, or other similar services and email or share video to

  3. DOM staff will verify that the video has been uploaded to the correct specifications.

  4. You complete the video submission process by “submitting the show” via the DOM website while logged in with your active membership.

  5. Schedule and share your video! You can schedule your show on our live stream and share it on social media to get votes, so it plays more often!