Staff? What Staff?

Denver Open Media is a constituent-led community media organization where the producer-members and viewers have as much ownership over the operation as anyone. Thus, DOM has no "staff," but is a project, facilitated by the staff of a separate nonprofit organization, the Open Media Foundation.

That said, these are the faces to know if you need any help or answers to any questions.

Ann Theis
Station Director

The purpose of my life is to use my hard-working nature, dedication, preparedness, goofiness, adventurousness


  • Working for community-based organizations that improve our society
  • Making media
  • Trying new things and going new places
  • Staying active and engaged

To create a world in which people embrace and accept one another; where people don't starve while others throw away food; where every person is given equal opportunity and it doesn't matter where or to whom you are born; where people don't resort to violence to solve problems; where technology and resources are used to enhance all life: plant, animal and human; and where we strive for deeper understanding for each other and all things in the universe.

Ann has been working with the Open Media Foundation's online user-driven tools since they were first created for Denver Open Media. She has been involved with organizing and presenting at numerous conferences on the subject of community media, technology and the Open Media Project. She started her community media career at Manhattan Neighborhood Network as a Production Assistant and became the Director of Production and Education, managing a staff of twelve and a million-dollar budget. Youth Media has been a passion of hers and she has mentored many youth, both at MNN and at DOM, over the last ten years. She graduated from Antioch College, with a degree in communications and cultural anthropology. Ann has also served on the ACM Western Region and National Boards.

Leslie Welch
Community Media Coordinator

The Purpose of My Life is to use my curiosity, drive, passion, and resilience


  • Getting to the heart of an issue
  • Analyzing systems
  • Taking the time to listen
  • Being open to new people, cultures, and experiences

To create a world in which people have the ability to better understand the world. A place where people would be able to access knowledge and resources, regardless of societal barriers.

Leslie graduated with a BA in Arts & Humanities from the Residential College of Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University, as well as a degree in public policy (Go Green!). Leslie’s experience is at the intersection of civic engagement, social justice, public policy, and media/technology. At OMF, she hopes to bring technology to the people, particularly to those who don’t normally have access.  She can usually be found with a coffee tumbler in hand.

Jameson Courville
Community Media Support VISTA

The Purpose of My Life is to use my adventurousness, creativity, dedication, and empathy to empower those who lack the means to tell their stories


Creating Media
Laughing with Others
And Globetrotting

To Create a World in which everyone receives equitable opportunities to succeed; where open and compassionate minds resolve differences; and where our stories bind us to one another.

Jameson graduated from Colorado Film School and Cornell College with degrees in Screenwriting and Creative Writing and has experience in television and film production. He is an avid traveler and has driven to Alaska from Colorado, toured the European continent, and personally visited Yellowstone National Park at least 27 times over the last ten years.