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Denver Open Media is a project of the Open Media Foundation. In donating to Denver Open Media, your contribution will support the Open Media Foundation and its mission to put the power of media and technology into the hands of the people. 

We encourage gifts to be made online through, a program of Community First Foundation. Colorado Gives processes your entire donation to qualified nonprofit organizations with little to no credit-card or processing fees retained. This service is available for donations only. Payments for memberships, equipment rental, classes and other services must be made out in cash, check, or credit card. Please contact with any questions. 

At Open Media Foundation, we value transparency. View our annual reports and see our vision of an accessible media future. 

Underwrite the Radio Station

DOM Community Radio is a non-profit, commercial free station, supported entirely by donations. Contributions are also called, “underwriting the station” or “purchasing underwriting.” When your business supports DOM Radio with a cash contribution, we give you on-air acknowledgments of your support. Underwriting is not advertising. The FCC doesn’t consider these “underwriting spots” to be traditional advertising because it restricts the content of these spots to be non-commercial.

What does this mean?

It means that if you purchase underwriting, your contributions will support community media in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. And you’ll get an on-air 25-30 second on-air acknowledgement of your support!

What can an acknowledgment contain?

Underwriting spots can contain factual information about your business, like where you’re located, your hours/days of operation, phone number, website, and address. Spots can also mention factual information about your products and services, including intended use, product origin, content, or form of preparation/delivery. Well-established slogans may also be used.

What’s prohibited?

Since underwriting spots are non-commercial in nature, there are some restrictions enforced by the FCC that we must adhere to. For example, spots can’t contain qualitative language (“homemade,”“great or fantastic,” or “handcrafted.”), years of operation (“Serving the community for 20 years), calls to action (“Call today,” or “Come by”), sales or discounts (not even “sale” or “free”), first/second/third-person statements (“I recommend,” “You’ll love,” or “Celebrities use our products”), and the location cannot be given in relation to another business (“located next to Lowes”).

Why underwrite community radio?

Why not?

Purchasing underwriting is 100% tax-deductible and elevates your image, associating your business with the local community.

Why underwrite dom radio?
See Who's Underwriting Us Today

Unlike most community radio stations, DOM Radio broadcasts on not one, but two frequencies! We’re live 24/7 on 92.9 FM and 89.3 HD3. Our history is rich with community involvement, and we have a loyal base of local content creators who produce new shows every week. Underwriting DOM Radio is the ideal show of support for both our content creators and listeners, and it gets your business twice the coverage on the dial!

Our Programming

We broadcast a diverse mix of local Denver programming that excites and educates our listener’s musical, literary, and cultural interests. We seek to bring a fresh sound to the front range radio scene, broadcasting 100% Denver-local content.


With broad reach into the front range, literally hundreds of thousands of listeners from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins can tune into DOM Radio, as indicated by the coverage map below for 89.3 HD3 and 92.9 FM. Unlike commercial radio stations that target a sliver of a demographic based on musical genre interest, our community radio station appeals to anyone with a working radio.


Support a Member's Show

Our membership program is designed to ensure that everyone in our community can access the communications technology resources they need to create podcasts, shows, songs, and more. Members must follow the guidelines below and complete the Underwriting Agreement webform, show proof of the value of the acknowledgment, and submit a letter from the sponsor on company letterhead.

  • Members must follow the guidelines below and complete the Underwriting Agreement webform, show proof of value of the acknowledgement, and submit a letter from the sponsor on company letterhead.

    • Minimum Underwriting Value is $50 Per Show

    • The first $20 to $100/month of undewriting support covers the membership fee (depending on which membership the show producer requires)

    • Above that amount, sponsorship revenues are split 50/50 between Denver Open Media and the show producer who solicited the underwriting

  • In-kind Donations In Exchange for Underwriting is Allowed and can be negotiated by producers, but must be discussed with DOM staff if value exceeds $20 and/or recognition exceeds a single mention per show.

    • DOM takes 0% of in-kind donations as long as it serves the production of the show (ie. feeding crew, pays for set pieces).

    • DOM gets a minimum of 50% of the donation (ie. if there are two bottles of liquor, DOM gets 1) for in-kind that doesn’t directly support the production of the show.

  • If Collecting Donations During Show, Members Must Give DOM 50% of the Proceeds

Program Credits for Contribution of Goods and Services

Individual credits for such contributions are limited to sixty seconds. Any underwriting recognition, including for in-kind purposes, requires an underwriting agreement and documentation of the value received directly from the sponsors. Credits may include an acknowledgment of the contribution made. Credits may not contain any advertising information. The following guidelines apply to all credits for contributors:

  • Credit must appear at either the beginning or end of the program;

  • Credit may be aural, visual or both;

  • Credit may include a logo;

  • Credit may include a name, address, and phone number;

  • Credit may include a phrase describing the business of the contributor and the nature of the contribution;

  • Credit may not contain any qualitative or promotional information