DOM Underwriting Agreement

The membership program at DOM is designed to ensure that everyone in our community can access the communications technology resources they need to participate in our local media communications. In general, when a project has underwriting support, it has sufficient funding to rent equipment from a commercial rental house, or at DOM's commercial rental rates. For that reason, no commercial recognition is permitted for shows which were created using free or discounted equipment through a DOM membership. Exceptions are made for small underwriting amounts (under $5,000), provided that the underwriting support is donated directly to DOM or the Open Media Foundation, not to the show producer (DOM member).

Members must follow the guidelines below and complete the Underwriting Agreement webform, show proof of value of the acknowledgement, and submit a letter from the sponsor on company letterhead.

  • Minimum Underwriting Value is $50 Per Show

  • DOM receives 25% off the Top of the Underwriting Dollars, Members receive 75%

    • 75% is returned to the producer in the form of DOM bucks or cash reimbursements for documented expenses

  • In-kind Donations In Exchange for Underwriting is Allowed

  • DOM takes 0% of the donation as long as it serves the production of the show (ie. feeding crew, pays for set pieces).

  • DOM gets a minimum of 25% of the donation (ie. if there are two bottles of liquor, DOM gets 1) for in-kind that doesn’t directly support the production of the show.

  • Need proof of value of in-kind goods/services

  • Please note that crew cannot be paid with the remaining 75% portion. However, crew can be compensated with DOM Bucks, or indirectly, by feeding them or paying for transportation.

  • If Collecting Donations During Show, Members Must Give DOM 25% of the Proceeds

List all items and quantity of those items.
Check all that apply.
*25% of collections/donations will be given to DOM
You can choose to break this up however you choose.