As a non-commercal station, DOM does not permit commercial programming or allow producers to be paid directly by sponsors for the programming they produce on 92.9FM, 89.3HD3, or Because DOM's membership fees do not cover the full expenses of operating the Radio Stations, sponsorship is solicited for the station and for individual shows, which is recognized on-air through undewriting announcements. We encourage member-producers to solicit sponsorship for their shows, with sponsorship revenues split evenly between the station and the show producer. All donations must be made directly to DOM or the Open Media Foundation, not to the show producer (DOM member). Sponsor recognition made for any support or donation that does not pass through DOM or OMF is a violation of our policies and results in termination of access to OMF and DOM resources, including air time, membership, equipment or facility access. Exceptions are made for small, in-kind underwriting support (valued under $20), but must be limited to a single verbal recognition per show, mentioning the sponsor name only once. For any cash donations or in-kind donations greater than $20, the following guidelines must be completed:

Members must follow the guidelines below and complete the Underwriting Agreement webform, show proof of value of the acknowledgement, and submit a letter from the sponsor on company letterhead.

  • Minimum Underwriting Value is $20 Per Show

    • The first $20/month of undewriting support covers the membership fee

    • Above that amount, sponsorship revenues are split 50/50 between Denver Open Media and the show producer who solicited the underwriting

    • In-kind Donations In Exchange for Underwriting is Allowed and can be negotiated by producers, but must be discussed with DOM staff if value exceeds $20 and/or recognition exceeds a single mention per show.

  • DOM takes 0% of in-kind donations as long as it serves the production of the show (ie. feeding crew, pays for set pieces).

    • DOM gets a minimum of 50% of the donation (ie. if there are two bottles of liquor, DOM gets 1) for in-kind that doesn’t directly support the production of the show.

    • If Collecting Donations During Show, Members Must Give DOM 50% of the Proceeds

List all items and quantity of those items.
Check all that apply.
*25% of collections/donations will be given to DOM
You can choose to break this up however you choose.