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92.9 FM / 89.3 HD3
Denver's Only All-Local Radio Station

We are a collaborative effort between Denver Open Media and the Denhac hackerspace. Our programming is 100% front range local. That means the bands, live concerts, podcasters, news reports, talk radio, and spoken word performances that you hear on 89.3 HD3/92.9FM were all created by local front range producers. 

Our Team

Denver Open Media is a constituent-led community media organization where the producer-members and viewers have as much ownership over the operation as anyone. Thus, DOM has no "staff," but is a project, facilitated by the staff of a separate nonprofit organization, the Open Media Foundation.

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You Decide What Plays

At Denver Open Media, you decide what plays on the radio and our online Livestream. Every show is guaranteed to air, but listeners decide what show gets more plays. If you find a show or song that you like, give it five stars! It'll play more often and get heard more. 

Listen to All-Local Podcasts

We host a variety of Denver-based podcasts, empowering local creators and their stories. You can support local stories by listening.

We Incubate Podcasts

We're a creative incubator. If you have a story to tell but need the tools and guidance to tell it, Denver Open Media is here for you. We'll get your podcast off the ground and provide you with a distribution hub to share it. We want you to succeed, and we want to help you become a self-sufficient podcaster with professional tools at your disposal.