We have a local cable television station with three channels on Denver Comcast, 5657, and 881HD; statewide channels on CenturyLink, 8008, 8009, 8010 (SD) and 8508, 8509, 8510 (HD); and a local Denver radio station, 104.7LPFM. DOM members are allowed to submit content to either, or both TV and Radio stations.

A DOM Membership is required for content submission (unless you are a 501c3 nonprofit video and would like to submit a PSA). If you want a regular time slot you have to commit to continually and regularly submitting shows (for either Radio or TV) and have at least three shows in our system when you make a Series Request. You can also check out our Content Agreement Policies.

If you have HD Files and want to send them to us, free Google Drive and Dropbox will work for small files (usually under 1GB). For larger files, you have to have a paid account for Dropbox, Google Drive account or other similar services.

You must submit the video to DOM with the correct file specifications.

Quick Facts for Exporting:

  • Compression: H.264 (.movs or .mp4)

  • Quality: 100%

  • Limit Data Rate to 10 Mbps (do not submit kbps)

  • ACC AUDIO - 48 kHz Audio

  • 29.97 Frame Rate

  • 1920x1080 (HD 1080i) or if your content is not HD, 720x480 (SD)

  • FILE NAME: Do not start it with a number and do not use spaces or special characters in your file name (except for underscores).

If you edit in Premiere, you can use this Media Encoder Preset in Adobe Premiere or Media Encoder. Check out our Help Menu for further details on file format specs and exporting. See this section: Converting and Exporting Video and Audio Files.

Steps for Submitting content:

  1. Use the correct settings to export your video.

  2. Upload your video to Google Drive, Dropbox, or other similar services.

  3. Email or share video to ann@openmediafoundation.org.

  4. After DOM receives the file and verifies the settings, we will move it to ingest.

  5. Wait to receive a confirmation email from DOM that your video is available to complete submission.*

  6. Complete video submission process by “submitting the show” via the DOM website.

  7. Schedule and share your video!

*If the video file you send is not encoded with correct settings, we will request you re-export the video with the correct settings, or you can pay $10 and we will re-encode and submit the video for you.

Another way to get us content is to either burn your files to a DVD - as a Data DVD, not as a playable DVD. This way your HD content will stay HD - if you make a playable DVD with HD content it will be down-converted. Here are instructions for burning a Data DVD for Macs, and PCs. Another option is to send us your files on a thumb drive, be sure to include a pre-stamped self-addressed envelope so we can return it to you. We will be happy to ingest and upload the program for you, for a $10 per program on DVD/Video File and $25 per Tape.