Remember to Schedule, Share and get Votes for your shows!

User scheduling empowers you to choose the date your shows are aired within your timeslot.


  • Log in and go to the show you want to schedule on Denver Open Media's website

    • You should see options like these below - they are just above the video player.




  • Click on Schedule Your Show


  • Choose Channel 56 (57 is only for HD series)


Select Channel.png


  • Click on Confirm and wait while it processes. Please be patient as the page loads. Sometimes it takes a while to load because it is confirming and updating all the scheduling information on our playback servers.


  • Click on the Date and Time you want to schedule your show into (you will see available timeslot based on the Themeblock you choose when you created your show:


Choose from Slots.png


  • Check the Channel schedule here to confirm it scheduled: 56 Schedule

Check Schedule for 56.png

Now that you’ve successfully scheduled your show, don’t forget to SHARE your show on Social Media and get everyone to VOTE on it so it plays more often and so you have a chance to win the Top-Rated show at Denver Open Media - $25 DOM bucks monthly and $250 DOM Bucks annually!!