The Denver Open Media facilities are a shared space. Users must respect the needs of other members and representatives/clients of the other building inhabitants. Members are expected to make sure their guests follow all rules and procedures, and Code of Conduct for DOM. Members will be held accountable for the actions of their guests.

*All equipment used under a membership, whether free or at reduced member rates, must be used to create programming that will air on DOM channels.


Certification/Crew/Shadow Policy

Members are expected to have the appropriate certification for the gear/studio that they are using. Certification is obtained by taking classes. Once certified, a staff member should not generally be needed for more than equipment checkouts and malfunctions. Self-sufficiency is not only encouraged, but expected. If a member is found using the equipment incorrectly and in a way that is causing damage to the equipment, the member’s certification will be revoked and they must retake the class.

DOM expects there will be a minimum of one studio-certified active member in the studio at all times. If you need help finding a crew, you can join the DOM Crew List:

Studio members may invite a guest to "shadow" during a shoot. Shadowing allows producers to be a floor director, answer phones during a call-in show, operate a laptop as a video source, operate a robotic camera controller, or observe any crew member.

*Members must not allow the use of equipment by anyone not certified on that equipment or of members who have an expired membership. Membership privileges may be revoked for violation of this policy.

Check Out and Return

Upon Arrival, members should check in with staff or interns and fill out Studio Checkout form to request additional equipment. Members should be sure they receive all equipment listed on the form. Any equipment not functioning should be reported immediately.

The studio and equipment must be left the condition it was received. All equipment should be turned off and furniture and set pieces put away. Staff will inspect studio and equipment to complete return paperwork.


If you must cancel a studio, please cancel your reservation a minimum of 24 hours in advance so others can reserve it.

Late Policy

Producers who are more than 30 minutes late for their reservation, without notice, will forfeit their reservation if another producer needs to use the studio. Please make any changes by modifying the reservation through the online reservation system.

Food and Drink

No food or drink is allowed in the studios or control rooms. Food and drink are allowed only in the kitchen area. The exception to this rule is for on-stage talent: they are allowed to have a glass or bottle of water on stage during a shoot. A member who brings food or drink in will have three opportunities to correct his/her behavior, the fourth time they will lose their privileges.


Due to strict fire codes and rules about smoke detectors, no flames or smoke or heating-producing equipment or materials will be allowed in the studios.

Fog and smoke machines are not permitted for the following reasons: 

  • All simulated smokes may set off a smoke detector/fire alarm
  • Almost every smoke and fog machine warns that it will set off smoke detectors.
  • Sprinkler systems are heat-activated, but we opted out of those (not wanting to drench $50,000 worth of production equipment in water) and instead, we were required to have extensive smoke detectors, which might be tripped by smoke machines.

For more info on why fog and smoke machine usage is not permitted, click the following link:

Studio Rates

For members: Studio use is only for non-commercial, public access production. Members who are certified in the Studio are not currently being charged for usage.

For Non-Members: Studio use for commercial users is from $60+/hour. For more information on our studio rates, go here: