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Whether you're looking to rent just one piece of equipment or several, we offer a wide range of equipment for all needs. We provide affordable rates for community artists looking to create unique innovative projects, and also offer competitive rates for professional producers looking to produce high-end projects. Rent today at some of the most affordable rates in Denver!


We Incubate Podcasts

We're a creative incubator. If you have a story to tell but need the tools and guidance to tell it, Denver Open Media is here for you. We'll get your podcast off the ground and provide you with a distribution hub to share it. We want you to succeed, and we want to help you become a self-sufficient podcaster with professional tools at your disposal.

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After over a decade of community involvement, Denver Open Media has cultivated a robust community of producers. 

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Not sure what you want? Tell us about your production and we'll help you choose the best equipment for your needs.

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Denver Open Media has hosted hundreds of events over the past decade;  from entire music shows to rap battles to podcast tapings, we will make sure you get the highest-quality production possible.  From 60+ person seating in Studio A to full HD recording capabilities, we have everything to throw your next event and/or get the best taping possible. 

Equipment Guidelines and Rental Policies

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