Free, Inclusive Hiring Services:

The Open Media Foundation is a free service for employers looking to attract diverse candidates in media and journalism careers. We will help hone job descriptions for inclusivity and promote your employment opportunities to a wide range of outlets and job boards, proven to attract more diverse applicants. We will track candidates and applicants, survey them for demographic and other data, and schedule interviews, pairing qualified candidates with OJT and Work Experience programs to support diverse and disadvantaged jobseekers.

For Example:

  • We help employers craft job descriptions for inclusivity and diverse appeal.
  • We post their job description to over 20 outlets/job boards that have demonstrated to generate diverse applicants
  • We work with Denver Workforce, ResCare, and other partners to identify candidates eligible for OJT, matching funds, and similar government subsidized programs
  • We collect resumes, survey applicants, and collect demographic and other custom data desired by the employer.
  • We rank and sort candidates based on criteria set forth by the employer, following best practices from and other HR & Recruiting partners
  • We organize all applicants, documents, and demographic data to simplify employer review
  • We manage scheduling of first-round interviews to align with availability of employers
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    What is Diversity in the workplace?