The Open Media Careers Engine aims to increase diversity of media & communications professionals in Colorado.

We accomplish this in 3 ways:

  1. Inclusive Hiring: Promote more inclusive hiring practices, supporting employers in reaching diverse jobseekers

    1. Capacity Building: Manage hiring process to simplify hiring for employers

    2. Leverage resources and partners in State & Local government to support and incentivize more inclusive hiring practices

  2. Community/Media Engagement: Facilitate greater community engagement in media & journalism

    1. Training employers on emerging engagement journalism practices

    2. Coordinate internship, mentorship, and other engagemente opportunities in partnership with employers, educational institutions, and government programs

  3. Jobseeker Support: Expand support and pathways for jobseekers in media & journalism

    1. Steering Jobseekers to training and support catered to their specific needs & goals.

    2. Skill building, feedback, mentorship, training & networking