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At Denver Open Media, we have cultivated talented producers for over a decade. We have provided this directory for you to contact producers and creatives who can help you with your production.

Please note: we are not responsible for the listed's actions, dealings, etc. This is a resource/guide. When contacting producers, please be kind, courteous, and professional.

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Anna Sutterer

I have experience as a camera operator in studio and on location for DOM productions and have used their sound booth for radio production. For an online magazine/national nonprofit, I've written scripts, shot and edited short videos. I've also covered actions at the capitol and produced same-day multimedia projects including videos, audio, photo galleries, and written reports. Most of my experience has been in using a Canon c100 video camera, Canon EOS Markii DSLR, and the Adobe Creative Suite's Premiere Pro/After Effects/Audition programs.

I'm looking for work in videography, photography and audio production, as a second shooter, production assistant, etc. I prefer being out in the field but am open to working on studio production teams as well. I'll be based near downtown Denver but am open to day travel for shoots. I'm a quick learner, take direction, and offer my own input for creative storytelling when needed.

Douglas Murphy

I started out in Music mid '80's and am now focused mostly on corporate and commercial production. My background is in Audio and Video Production - I am currently working as a TD and PM for events in the Denver Area. Looking for paying work and also hiring solid techs as needed. Email above or call 303-709-9962.