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In Project: Brainiacs

<p>Cast members of PHAMALY's upcoming VOX PHAMALIA join Brainiacs on October 23, 2010 to prepare you for the fact that their tickets are selling fast. Last year there weren't enough tickets for everyone who sought one. So you've been warned. Stephen Hahn, PHAMALY actor and board member, is guest host of Brainiacs today. Amber Marsh, PHAMALY actress and singer, returns and shares her operatic training with us. Then Rennie Hart, standup comic and co-founder of Hangout, is a new member of PHAMALY, and anticipates debuting with them. In addition, Paula Rhoads, producer of Brainiacs, shares editorial comment protesting the falsity of advertising by Attorney General John Suthers that his first priority is protecting Colorado citizens. Rhoads contends his participation in her worker's compensation case demonstrates that he does not protect Colorado citizens. Suthers contributed an attorney to join the defense of multiBILLIONdollar corporations U.S. Home Corporation and Lennar Corporation, who committed fraud by concealing at least 63 documents from her personnel file despite a judge's ORDER in discovery to release her "complete" personnel file. If Suthers contributes an attorney to help corporations headquartered in Houston and Miami against a mentally disabled person without legal representation, then EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAWS dictates he should have contributed an attorney for her. For the record, Rhoads is calling Suthers a liar. Rhoads asserts that Suthers' office should not "contract" with Pinnacol Assurance to do worker's compensation investigations and prosecutions because this financial influence has unethically caused the AG to close his doors to individuals seeking his help.</p>

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In Project: Brainiacs
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