Published: 03-23-13

Beth Kahmann hosts Brainiacs on March 23, 2013 with neurofeedback professionals Dr. Penny Montgomery, Ph.D., and Dr. Glenda Lippmann, Ph.D., of New Hope for the Brain, 950 Wadsworth Blvd., Suite 205, Lakewood, CO These specialists offering rehabilitation for the brain, whether from a brain injury or aging, show colorful pictures of the brain's wiring and explain brainwaves indicating TBI and rehab of TBI.

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STEAL THAT CONFERENCE is our promotion of the 27th Annual Brain Injury Association of Colorado's Conference in October of 2010 in Denver. With their permission, of course.

On your own schedule, view a baker's dozen of speakers from the conference. Had you attended the conference, you could not have seen that many.

There are no hors'douvres online, but national luminaries and regional experts contribute their expertise on brain injury subjects ranging from family support concerns to veterans new programs, recent upgrades to the Americans With Disabilities Act, even social IQ as a means to ID TBI, and teens with TBI. And you can watch them any hour you choose for free.

Speakers include:
Dr. Gordon and Dr. McMorrow open the conference.
Dr. James Kelly reports on the National Defense Centers of Excellence and his new ICU program targeting veterans with TBI being built adjacent to Walter Reed Hospital.
Melissa Abate of Craig Hospital on family grief.
Dr. Gale Whiteneck of Craig Hospital on research to estimate the incidence of brain injury in the general population.
Dr. Jeannie Dise Lewis of Children's Hospital, Denver, on Pediatric Brain Injury
Dr. Mike and Dr. Mike is Dr. Michael Greher of National Jewish Hospital presenting with Dr. Michael Kirkwood of Childrens' Hospital.
Dr. Valerie Stone on Social IQ.
Dr. James Malec on voc rehab for TBI.
Joe Lewis of Denver Options on ADA upgrades
Tyler Paris of Denver Options on "Make Your Own Movies"
BIAC Awards.
Amy Berryman, occupational therapy supervisor.
Al Foxx, standup comic and motivational speaker.

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