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Valentine Party Invitation
In Project: Brainiacs

Brainiacs today begins with the Valentine Party invitation Feb. 9, 2013 hosted by BIAC.
It includes several legislative bills impacting mental health issues without going into great detail.
Announcements are followed by half the show being devoted to evidence from Paula's worker's comp case.

NOTHING IN THIS DISCUSSION USING PLAIN ENGLISH IS TO BE INTERPRETED TO ENCOURAGE ANY VIOLENCE OF ANY TYPE, including suicide or gun violence. In fact, using your brain and words for peaceful purposes and to end fraud and corruption in our worker's comp system is the objective, not blood or rebellion.

Though Paul Tauriello, Colorado Worker's Compensation Division director, has said in an email that the Administrative Law Judge would have dealt with those discovery issues, I'm showing you that he did not. I'm showing how Judge Jaynes ordered defense to provide my complete personnel file, but they never did, using stupid responses and pretending they didn't know what I was talking about. Days before the first hearing, ALJ Thomas DiMarino holds a hearing with a big POP QUIZ: if I cannot quote the citation of statute relevant to me getting my complete personnel file already ordered, then all my MOTIONS TO COMPEL DISCOVERY are cancelled and my due process rights are flushed.
Currently, Paula has filed her case with the U.S. Supreme Court challenging the composition of the Division cost containment board, its restriction of seats by occupation in violation of the 14th Amendment, its exclusion of the public and whether there are rational state purposes in what they do. Same for the Pinnacol board, essentially, especially because Paul Godec, their attorney, has threatened malicious prosecution against me for false allegations of a corrupt Judge Michael Harr, who is the brother of Jim Harr, who formerly employed me. Conflict of interest, bias, prejudice and ABUSE OF DISCRETION.

And Disability Discrimination in Public Service because Colorado continually imposes additional barriers to mentally disabled people with brain injuries on the job who cannot even get legal representation at all anywhere. 14th Amendment issue that has potential to overcome the state's 11th Amendment immunities. Maybe the feds will prosecute perjury.

And if C.R.S. 8-42-113 provides bribes and financial incentives for state employees and cops to invent criminal charges regularly against claimants with TBI, then it justifies, by GIDEON standards, requiring appointment of attorneys for all TBI claimants whose 3T MRI shows objective medical proof of physical trauma. Otherwise, what is the state's rational purpose there? We have shifted to federal law now. Reynolds v. Sims and Hellebust v. Sam Brownback, 42 F.3d 1331 10th Cir.(Kan.).


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