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Three opera singers plus Bennet/Romanoff
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<p>The Denver Lyric Opera Guild's Top Ten competition winners received their awards April 5 at Pinehurst Country Club. Three of those finalists are featured in today's program, including Soprano Audra Gardner, Tenor Mark Van Arsdale and Mezzo Julia Tobiska. Then former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb introduces U.S. Senator Michael Bennet. Former State Representative Bernie Beuscher also stumps. And former Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff takes the podium for a few moments. Don't forget that Kelly Shellman, 2009 Miss Wheelchair Colorado gives her crown away tonight, Saturday, April 17, 2010 in the pageant at 4 pm at the Westminster Senior Center, 3295 W. 72nd Avenue. Tickets $20 include dinner and an Elvis impersonator.</p>

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In Project: Brainiacs
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