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Socially unacceptable brain injury symptoms
In Project: Brainiacs

Two speakers of the Brain Injury Association of Colorado's annual conference focus on the social skills damaged in a brain injury.

Dr. Valerie Stone, PhD, researcher, with credentials from high places, asserts that the "social skills IQ" could be a more accurate method of identifying brain injuries.

Vicki DeHoff, ICU RN and mother of two teens with brain injuries, provides comfort and insight into high stress, axonal sheering and a few other important basics.

Host Paula Rhoads steps in between the speakers to provide pretty pictures of axonal sheering and brain anatomy.

The full hour speeches of each expert is now archived at denveropenmedia.org/projects/6254/shows along with many other speakers of the 27th Annual Conference of the Brain Injury Association of Colorado in October 2009 in Denver.

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In Project: Brainiacs
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