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Social IQ to ID TBI, by Dr. Valerie Stone, researcher, Queensland, Australia
In Project: Brainiacs

Dr. Valerie Stone, whose impressive credentials include Harvard, teaching 5 years at Denver University, and a jaunt through the United Kingdom, presents research on developing assessment tools of social IQ in people with traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Stone asserts that some people disabled by TBI may not demonstrate cognitive disabilities as much as social disabilities, which are often interpreted negatively as offensive behavior, and can spell job defeat also. And family defeat. And other dire results.

Dr. Stone presented Oct. 7, 2009 for the 27th Annual Conference of the Brain Injury Association of Colorado.

After Dr. Stone's presentation, we filled a brief gap with that tape of Pete Bruno receiving a lifetime achievement award from the Brain Injury Association of Colorado at its 27th Annual Conference Oct. 8, 2009 at the Denver Tech Marriott.

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