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Short version of Brainiacs on June 5, 2010
In Project: Brainiacs

This hour of Brainiacs LIVE includes Juliet Rose of Phoenix playing a mean fiddle at the Pitkin, Colorado melodrama of 2009, between her stints as the villainess of this annual production in late July.

We also share some pretty scenery while Miranda and her mom visit the Alpine Slide at Heritage Square near Golden.

And then the last of the hour is some really boring stuff about how to find the Colorado Revised Statutes on the Internet, and the basis definitions of who may be appointed to the Colorado Worker's Compensation Division COST CONTAINMENT BOARD and the Pinnacol Board.

That tape was made before Paula realized that House Bill 1009 has been amended to delete the addition of 2 board members to the Pinnacol Board. But her comments are even more applicable because of that elimination of representation by anybody other than defense special interest groups that have a stranglehold that federal law prohibits.

The long version of this show includes that federal case law that Paula argues means the current worker's compensation boards are in violation of federal law.

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In Project: Brainiacs
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