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Jake Snakenberg is a high school football player who died after having a second blow to his head during a game in recent years. His mother, Kelli Jantz went the second mile by sharing her painful story with Colorado's State Legislature in order to pass Senate Bill 40, which Governor John Hickenlooper signed March 29, 2011 at the Colorado State Capitol.

This Act requires coaches of middle school and high school athletes in schools and rec programs to spend about 20 minutes online with a free course teaching them the symptoms of a brain injury, as well as instructing them not to return a beaned player to play before a physician evaluation.

Senator Nancy Spence, Sen. Linda Newell, Rep. Ken Summers and Rep. Nancy Todd sponsored the bill, pushing it past opponents fearing a nanny state, instead of realizing that prevention is the least expensive response to brain injury.

Considering the average cost of a disabling brain injury of such an athlete would run at least $2 million over the disabled person's life, this Act stands to save Colorado citizens not only millions, but also many tears and destroyed futures.

Media in other states have hailed the bill as the most far sweeping legislation of its type in the nation.

You can also review what the coaches will be learning at www.cdc.?????? sorry, we need to add this important link.

Also, we start the hour with a long tape of the regional high school robotics tournament at Denver University's Magness Arena, featuring preliminary competition of robots built by students and mentors.

The tourney turns out to be international, as there are teams from Mexico, besides those from other states, including from Beverly Hills, California, as well as from Texas. Stay tuned to hear students from Nederland and the land sharks from Boulder.

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In Project: Brainiacs
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