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Robotics @ DU: Thursday
In Project: Brainiacs

Competition among high school robotics teams hits the big regional tournament March 25, 26 & 27, 2010 at Denver University's Magness Arena. This tape is Thursday's practice run, so teams still have time to fix whatever isn't running smoothly. Oddly enough, many robots look very similar to all the rest. Half the fun is noticing the variations imagined and created by different teams.

Oh, and ILLEGAL PUPPET GOVERNMENT, a new segment of our show, hosts auditions of a number of very interesting puppets. OK, it has promise. If you hate the Colorado Worker's Compensation Division like Paula hates the Colorado Worker's Compensation Division, maybe you will get a few laughs on this one. Especially if you are already atuned to the federal case for which Colorado's system fails to meet 14th Amendment criteria established by the U.S. Supreme Court in:

Hellebust v. Sam Brownback, 42 F.3rd 1331 10th Circuit (Kan.)

Similarities? Both have the crux that SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS control a state agency board regulating their own industry and ... disenfranchise the public, who are the real OWNERS of that state agency.

Is Paula loopy or does this case offer hope to liberate the EVIL EMPIRE? OK, we'll just wait and see for now.

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