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Police brutality in Denver
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<p>The county coroner has ruled Marvin Booker's death in the jail was a homicide, and Paula awoke to the Saturday Denver Post reports, including another police brutality case. Paula argues we don't need the FBI or anymore law enforcement people to try telling us not to believe our own eyes. Paula asserts the problem is a flaw in the "Strong Mayor/Appointee" system, where Hickenlooper is the only person who can fire so-called Safety Manager Ron Perea for wrist slaps to Denver police beating the crap out of citizens for no good reason. And jailers murdering Mr. Booker. Paula asserts the law needs to change to give the Denver City Council the power, after listening to citizens, to fire people who are unsuitable for their jobs, like Perea. Similar flaws in state agencies performing "core government functions" allow appointees of only certain economic positions to hold seats on state boards, like the Worker's Compensation Cost Containment Board. This violates federal law, excluding the public from these boards. Example: Gov. Ritter cannot fire Ken Ross, CEO of Pinnacol Assurance, a political subdivision of the state that the court ruled must provide receipts of its Pebble Beach party to Channel 7 News, the people with real backbones. Pinnacol should not be a wealth-creation machine while discriminating against the disabled. In between rants, we show video of horse events at IndianHead Rock near Parlin, Colorado for a last taste of summer before September ends it. But technical difficulties cause beautiful horses to be green, so we'll have to fix that. (We did.) Paula demands District Attorney Mitch Morrissey release the videos of Marvin Booker's murder.</p>

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