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Pinnacol Assurance
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Host Paula Rhoads reviews late breaking clarifications from Sen. Morgan Carroll that nothing in statute prohibits paying Pinnacol Assurance employees bonuses to deny claims. Paula also criticizes as unethical Pinnacol's practice of "contracting" with the state's attorney general, which she considers a serious conflict of interest that results in denial of help to the real PEOPLE of Colorado whom the AG was elected to represent. Let's review that footage of David Cassan of the AG's office testifying at the Pinnacol Assurance interim Legislative hearings during the summer and fall of 2009 about how easy it is to commit fraud in that system.

BTW, Sen. Carroll called for applicants for five potential vacancies on the Pinnacol Assurance board, particularly citizen advocates. Go to www.colorado.gov to apply.

Paula also presents the RECEIPTS that prove her lost time after her accident, and discusses how Judge Michael Harr refused to allow them into the evidence of her worker's compensation hearings.

Also, several soloists from the Bethany Lutheran Church's dress rehearsel for Handel's Messiah are featured toward the end of the show to share some exceptional Christmas music and get you into the Christmas mood.

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