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PHAMALY's Beauty and the Beast plus BOB
In Project: Brainiacs

PHAMALY's over-the-top production of Beauty and the Beast continues production in the SPACE Theater for another week before its August 26 & 27 engagement in Arvada's ampitheater. We share footage of Stephen Hahn as Gaston, with snippets later in the show of why Daniel Traylor as Lumiere steals the show ... for a bit.

Leonard Barrett Jr. as the Beast and Jenna Bainbridge as Belle offer fantastic vocal performances but they are backed up by a musically accomplished cast we know fairly well.

Regan Linton (who appeared on Views From Denver Friday August 6) wears a mustache for the show! See her interview at www.denveropenmedia.org/project/6456/shows.

We also share an interview with Bob Fulton of "Back Again Restoration" and Genaro Candelario, stonemasons preserving the remaining walls of the steam engine building at the Western Portal of the Alpine Tunnel upvalley from Pitkin, Colorado.

Governor Bill Ritter and Lance Armstrong speak from the State Capitol steps to a flock of bicyclists without even mentioning the GOP candidate or the U.N. conspiracy.

Also, Eric Medema, former Hangout president and a disabled vet, proudly presents one of his many poems, this one published on the cover of a Boulder arts program. We're sure Pat Grant, the Hangout's poetry therapist who passed last summer, would be totally proud!

In between, Paula shares info from the REAP brochure about traumatic brain injuries and "bumps" on the head published by the Colorado Brain Injury Trust Fund and affiliated researchers, doctors and therapists. According to REAP, the FIRST THREE WEEKS after a brain injury are the "window of opportunity" for optimum recovery.

Now if the invidious oppressive Colorado Worker's Compensation Division would embrace current modern medicine instead of developing "gainsharing" bribe systems to convert it to wealth generations for a few greedy bastards!!!

As you know, Paula will be singing "Hang the Bastards" for awhile.

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In Project: Brainiacs
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