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The New Health Conversation-TV The Decline of Our Food Supply from Hollywood's Perspective

In this episode Peter Greenlaw - Author and Public Speaker and Coach Steve Toth Moderator and Executive Producer interviews Douglas Freel one of Hollywood's biggest directors about his drug addiction and Hollywood's perpective on the decline of our food supply.  Douglas Freel has enjoyed an award-winning music video directing career with the foremost production houses in the world: The Company, Propaganda Film, and most recently with Gigantic Entertainment. His work has produced era-defining imagery that remains etched in the minds of the MTV generation.  His most recent projects include the feature film Blue Balls Of Fire. Here he co-wrote, co-produced, and directed. Shot in Costa Rica, the ribald comedy is a cross between anything Monty Python, The A Team, and South Park. Nearly completed, this highly salable film could well become a back-door pilot for a TV series. Released in the summer of 2012, is the rock-doc FIX. Industrial music monsters Ministry, along with members of NIN, Korn, Tool, Motorhead, and Jane’s Addiction star in this extraordinary road-trip steeped in drugs, and ego’s.

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