The New Health Conversation-TV How Processed Food Took Over the American Meal
Published: 10-20-13

In this episode Melanie Warner-Author and Journalist joins Peter Greenlaw and Coach Steve Toth as they explore how processed food took over the American meal.

About Melanie Warner: she is a freelance journalist who writes about the food industry. Her book on processed food, Pandora's Lunchbox, was published by Scribner in February 2013. She has worked as a reporter for the New York Times, a senior writer at Fortune magazine, and a blogger for CBSNews.com and USNews.com.

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The New Health Conversation

The television show "The New Health Conversation" is produced to answer one of the biggest question's of our times:  How to live longer and healthier for the ones — and with the ones — you love most in life.

There are answers to today's health , diet, and nutritional challenges that I never knew existed. With a decade of research and my own personal results, I can say with confidence: There are solutions available to you and those you love!

This is my deepest, driving desire, my passionate inspiration and motivation: To know what was really available out there, to get access to the answers, and to identify the solutions available to me and everyone.

This is why I’ve done the work and the research; why I’ve published the results. My book, Why Diets Are Failing Us sums up my investigations of the past decade and why I am doing this television show.

These answers changed my life forever — and they can change yours too.

I knew I was called to share this solution with others. It starts with a major reframe of the conversation around diet and nutrition: that calories are not the greater enemy. Instead, toxins are the greatest challenge in our lifetime. So together we shift the conversation. Then, if you want to know what worked for me and saved my life, you can learn about one of the most effective solutions that I have experienced.

You’ll learn one way to avoid the unnecessary pain and affliction of a life imprisoned by toxic fat. You’ll discover a path out of the despair caused by nutritional deficiency, obesity, stress and inflammation — the culprits so often diminishing the days of our lives and reducing the quality of life itself.

I discovered people and communities out there that have the solutions. They have dedicated their lives to finding and sharing these unique and extraordinary New Nutritional Technologies that have been increasing nutritional density. They may offer an answer that works for you. Especially if you are among the millions of people desperately searching for answers.

My intent is to inform you. Even if you “think you know,” you may be surprised. And once you know, then you can decide: What will you do? What action will you take? I recommend that you watch the show, then make up your own mind.

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