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Ms. Wheelchair Colorado 2010 pageant
In Project: Brainiacs

Kelly Shellman gave away her crown Saturday, April 17, 2010 in the Ms. Wheelchair Colorado pageant at the Westminster MAC. Two contestants, Crystal Medina and Zara Vargues, answered questions and presented platforms before the small crowd.

Leonard Barrett Jr., recently acclaimed for his PHAMALY "Man of La Mancha" performances, sang the National Anthem.

Casey Hamill, Elvis Impersonator, wooed the crowd with a number of favorites, as did his co-hort impersonator, Lori Muha, who impersonated Elvis AND John Travolta and stirred things up.

Though the antique car show was rained out, an enthusiastic crowd enjoyed the music and attention. And our videotape ran out just when things were really getting wild. But the spaghetti was goooood.

Zara Vargues won the Ms. Wheelchair Colorado 2010 title and crown, after expressing her aspirations and goals.

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