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Aurora and Denver residents trying to dry out their basements are given a deadline:  if you haven't got it dry by now, better hurry up or your family will be getting sick from the mold. Sand bagging window wells, cleaning gutters, turning on the furnace, opening all windows. 

Paula also discusses her Housing Coop proposal recycling the CU Med Center at Ninth and Colorado Blvd for permanent housing for tbi disabled, particularly the various ways the food program could be established.

Have you got your Ukelele tuned for the festival in October?

Don't forget that a separate Brainiacs hour is also ingested today that recounts the six or eight notices Paula's employer had, as well as the Colorado Revised Statutes and American Jurisprudence federal law stating that when employers fail, refuse or neglect to give notice as per requirements of the law, they may not use late notice of the injured worker as a defense. 


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