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Mentally Ill in Colorado's Prisons 3/22/13
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Colorado Legislative Oversight Committee on Continuing Study of Treatment of Persons with Mental Illness in the Justice System, hearing 3/22/13, chaired by Senator Linda Newell, with Rep. Jean Labuda (to right to Newell) and Senator Lois Tochtrop (white hair). Also

Presenters Include (in order):

Ms. Kathleen McGuire, Colorado State Public Defender's Office, advisory task force chair.

And Marc S. Condojani, LCSW, CAC III, Director, Community Treatment and Recovery Programs, Division of Behavioral Health, Colorado Department of Human Services, 303-866-7173.

And Mr. Ken Cole, Jail-based Restoration Project, Office of Behavioral Health, Colorado Department of Human Services.

And Terri Hurst-Greene, MSW, Director of Public Policy, Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council, 303-832-7594 x 11.

And Brenidy A. Rice, Colorado Judicial: State Problem Solving Court Coordinator, Office of the State Court Administrator, 720-625-5945.

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