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Matt Anderson, triathlete
In Project: Brainiacs

Matt Anderson is preparing for the Ironman triathlon in late June to raise funds to support the Hangout, a drop-in social club/support group for people with brain injuries, strokes, neurological disorders and our friends.

Matt stepped up in 2009 to fill the shoes of Scott La Point, a semi-pro bicycle racer who previously raised funds on his bike for Hangout. Scott was also a facilitator of Hangout and host on Brainiacs before he went to Virginia to complete his doctorate.

Matt was on Brainiacs last year and comments from our viewers called for more info on his equipment, including that pretty bike.

The Hangout meets from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesdays and also 12:30 to 3 pm Thursdays, and provides support of others with similar brain injury issues, outings, therapeutic programs and connection to the nonprofit organizations like the Brain Injury Association of Colorado and Denver Options programs.

As Gov. Ritter this week signed House Bill 1147 stimulating an education program on wearing helmets when on bikes and skateboards, this is particularly timely to have Matt on the show again.

Matt reviews details of his bike and helmets while Paula reads new info she got from HB1147:

Eleven bicycle riders die annually in Colorado, and another 540 are hospitalized due to bike crashes.

Brain injury is the leading cause of death and serious disability resulting from the use of wheeled nonmotorized transportation, such as bicycles and skateboards.

Approximately one third of hospital emergency room visits in Colorado for bicycle related accidents are for brain injury.

Of all age groups, children between 5 and 14 have the highest rate of bicycle related hospital admissions and almost one third of hospitalized children have suffered brain injuries.

Because economic costs to individuals and society of a single severe nonfatal brain injury can exceed $2 million, the state has a legitimate interest in preventing and mitigating these injuries.

Donations to www.thehangoutcolorado.org. Thank you.

Also, Patty Skolnik joins Senator Morgan Carroll, Sen. Betty Boyd and Gov. Bill Ritter, as well as representatives of physicians organizations, to sign the Michael Skolnik Expansion Act of 2010 upgrading again the registry of physicians for citizens to access.

Also, Gov. Ritter signs the Pharmaceutical Transparency Act and Sen. Carroll makes a few comments about the Pinnacol Assurance audit released June 7, 2010.

Read it yourself at www.state.co.us/auditor.

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In Project: Brainiacs
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