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Lynn Hill
In Project: Brainiacs

Brain Injuries come in several varieties besides the Traumatic Brain Injury that Brainiacs primarily focuses on. In this show Lynn Hill discusses her aneurysm behind her left eye, the result of a genetic issue in her specific case.

Also, Beth Kahmann and Host Paula Rhoads discuss impulse control disorder, a disability common to people disabled by TBI, which also sometimes results in others interpreting it as a social offense. Interestingly enough, Beth can put the brakes on Paula when she veers off into left field, which is a TBI symptom referred to as "perseverent and tangential." And Paula takes notes to help Beth recall where she intended to go when Beth loses her focus mid-sentence, also a TBI symptom.

This lively hour of discussion stays on course, against the odds, it seems, because these people have something worth saying.

Broadcast live on July 16, 2011, this hour of discussion refers to other recent shows.

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In Project: Brainiacs
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