Losing It w/ James Pate: Reena Calm

Reena Calm is todays guest on Losing it and asked that a disclaimer be issued up top: If you are a family member of Reena's, please don't listen to this. That disclaimer is not intended to be eye-catching clickbait bullshit. That's a legit request from her to you. 

Reena (The Laugh Factory, We Still Like You, published author) took some time out of her tour stop in Denver to have a conversation about her life and her early experiences with depression, anxiety, medication, and the different tolls it can take both physically and emotionally. Reena also shares some of what she has learned about being happy as an adult. She has recently published her first book "Once A Pun a Time: Legend of a Sighs Queen" and she continues to be on tour across the US through the rest of the summer.

Losing It: The Sex and Sanity Podcast is recorded at Sexpot Comedy Studio in beautiful Denver, Colorado. To join the fan club and receive free stickers that have little to nothing to do with this particular podcast, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

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Music by the all too generous and talented David Castillo - - > 

You can find James on Twitter and Instagram @djamespate.

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