Losing It w/ James Pate: Ben Kronberg
Published: 08-10-18

Ben Kronberg (Comedy Central, Jimmy Kimmel Live! Northglenn Junior High Sex-Ed Award recipient) joins James in the Sexpot Studio to talk about his first sexual relationship. It gets heavy. Later, Ben names the latin anatomical names for different parts of the genitals. James recounts a story about seeing Ben tricking a bouncer into carrying him off stage.

Losing It: The Sex and Sanity Podcast is recorded at Sexpot Comedy Studio in beautiful Denver, Colorado. To join the fan club and receive free stickers that have little to nothing to do with this particular podcast, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Sexpot Comedy
Attn: @djamespate on Twitter and Instagram
12 E Ellsworth Ave
Denver, CO 80206

Music by the all too generous and talented David Castillo - - > https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCjXYGb3qcHsD18iVxpwAmWg

You can find James on Twitter and Instagram @djamespate.

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Losing It: The Sex And Sanity Podcast w/ James Pate

Losing It is all about getting to know guests by asking the awkward questions up front: Have you ever been to therapy? When was the first time you had sex? In Losing It James Pate tries to make it less weird to talk about sex and mental health, two things that greatly influence the way we see ourselves and interact with one another, but are generally deemed off-limits as topics of everyday conversation.

Producer: wally
Language: English
Theme: Poetry, Comedy, & Avant-Garde
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