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Influencing Public Policy
In Project: Brainiacs

Join Gavin Attwood and Jennifer Melo as they add humor to the basics of schmoozing at the Colorado State Capitol, during "Influencing Public Policy," one of many sessions at the 28th Annual Conference of the Brain Injury Association of Colorado in October 2010 in Colorado Springs. Attwood, executive director of BIAC, and Melo, BIAC's lobbyist, share what doesn't work, as well as easy ways to put in your two cents with YOUR legislator.

Colorado Springs' District 16 State Rep. Larry Liston shares his reasons for empathizing with survivors of brain injuries, and an insider's view of being on the receiving end of hundreds of emails during his last few sessions at the Capitol.

Also, Patrick Donahue will invite you to join his dream of advancing 50 years of brain injury medicine within the next five years by developing an online database at www.thebrainproject.org. Also checkout www.voiceformychild.com.

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In Project: Brainiacs
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