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Glenwood Canyon
In Project: Brainiacs

This Brainiacs episode begins with 2009 footage from the Pikes Peak Challenge benefitting the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado, when people were turned back for snow and sleet. But not Gavin Attwood, executive director of BIAC, who seems to always reach the top early. Sept. 7 is the Pike's Peak Challenge of 2013.

Also, recent footage from the Glenwood Canyon features Pam and Parker Kimbal and cousin Nikki with Miranda Hook and many rafters.

And then the legal lesson this episode demonstrates that when employers or their managers WITNESS a disabling accident on the jobsite, they have "actual knowledge" and therefore when and whether the mentally disabled claimant makes written notice is "irrelevant" according to 82 American Jurisprudence 2d and Colorado Revised Statutes 8-43-102. 

If only administrative law judge Michael Harr would follow these legal texts we wouldn't have much of a show. Today we show how Judge Harr denied Paula Rhoads Hook's constitutional rights to call and cross examine witnesses so that the construction manager who witnessed the disabling accident would be prevented from appearing in court.

When is Governor Hickenlooper going to remove Judge Michael Harr?

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In Project: Brainiacs
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