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Flu & Dr. Whiteneck
In Project: Brainiacs

Dr. Gale Whiteneck, brain injury researcher of Craig Hospital of Littleton, presented his current ongoing study attempting to figure out how many people in the general population are living with brain injuries and resulting disabilities. Dr. Whiteneck presented his study to the Brain Injury Association of Colorado's 27th Annual Conference Oct. 7 & 8, 2009.

Whiteneck's clip is last in this hour, after Paula Rhoads, host, presents a clip of a CDOT worker injured by a dynamite blast to his face. The injured worker told his story during Pinnacol hearings at the Colorado State Capitol Oct. 16, 2009, when 14 proposed bills were presented and two were withdrawn. Those bills are available at www.colorado.gov.

Paula also includes quotes from a U.S, Supreme Court case in the 1960s called Kramer v. Union Free School District, in which school district voting was restricted to landowners and school parents. A bachelor challenged his disenfranchisement, and this case includes language indicating that appointment of boards governing local governing bodies does not eliminate the 14th Amendment requirement that such boards apportion representation fairly.

Paula's swine flu report is a scattered collection of info gleaned from the Internet, including the Denver Post's swine flu tracking map showing orange balloons for hard hit areas like Douglas County, Boulder County and others.

Unfortunately, the Denver County area seems to be lacking much reporting on the subject.

Paula asks what is the criteria to decide when to close schools, and who decides?

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