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Dr. Jim Kelly, CU neurosurgery professor
In Project: Brainiacs

Dr. Kelly is now on loan to the federal government to develop a special program for veterans with brain injuries, that is being built adjacent to the Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. Kelly provides a picture of a variety of military programs to help veterans, and describes how the concept came to fruition. He shows artist renderings of the new building and describes the search for other components that will combine with this project ... maybe even poetry therapy with Eric Medema.

Check the Brainiacs archives for Dr. Kelly's speech at the 2007 conference on SPORTSTBI and a new device to help identify brain injuries before sending athletes back into the game. Or back to avalanche control. Or back to the battlefield.

Check www.denveropenmedia.org/project/6254/shows.

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In Project: Brainiacs
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