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In Project: Brainiacs

Dr. Mark P. Cilo, MD, neurologist practicing at St. Anthony's Hospital until his recent passing, spoke in 2007 at the Brain Injury Association of Colorado's annual Vail Conference on:
"Early Recovery from Severe Diffuse Brain Damage: One Neurologist's Perspective."

We produce it here, with his stated permission, because it reviews a lot of medical terminology about brain injury that is useful to educate the public. In addition, he discusses comas and vegetative states and how medical personnel determine who is "there" and likely to improve.

Also, this educational information is possible because of the BIAC annual conference, which is approaching Oct. 12 & 13, 2011 in Metro Denver. Go to biacolorado.org for more info or call BIAC at 303-55-9969 to register for this year's conference.

We present most of his 67 minute speech, with intent to add the last 9 minutes to the archives, but as people disabled by brain injuries, we do not feel comfortable editing the remarks of a neurologist to fit 58 minutes.


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In Project: Brainiacs
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