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Deputy Attorney General David Casson @ Pinnacol hearings 9/19/2009
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Deputy Attorney General David Casson commented September 18, 2009 at the Pinnacol Assurance hearings at the Colorado State Capitol regarding details of prosecuting insurance fraud, committed both by workers and employers. Despite statutory requirements for employers to carry worker's compensation insurance on employees, Casson states it is not a criminal offense if they don't. And Casson states this problem is a BIG problem in Colorado.

Interestingly, the State Auditor's reports every four years have found substantial problems in that area and a serious lack of enforcement also.

Paula Rhoads, producer of Brainiacs and host today, complains that the Colorado State Attorney General's office had many communications from her and refused help, stating that the attorney general's office prosecuting worker's compensation fraud does not "represent individuals."

Should Colorado's citizens, who elect the attorney general, consider it a conflict of interest when the AG designates attorneys to investigate and prosecute Pinnacol claims? What about if Pinnacol is made an independent mutual insurance company?

How can the AG fulfill the state's legal responsibility to make sure injured workers receive their worker's compensation benefits if it is busy working for insurance companies instead?

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