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Case One
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This show is more than 58 minutes so it will not broadcast. It is a review of evidence and due process denial of Paula Rhoads Hook's worker's comp claim for those who are REALLY interested.

Paula's goal is to stop the corruption and wrongful denial of benefits to people who really need them, instead of allowing corrupt special interest groups regulating themselves in an incompetent police power state agency to do as they please to help enrich themselves at the expense of truly disabled people.

Paula believes the claimants being discriminated against are those with brain injuries on the job, who could not possibly be pro se attorneys or rise to any stupid illogical idiotic unfair suggestion and PRESUMPTION of the court that TBI claimants could. TBI claimants in wheelchairs and comas get help, but those without don't, despite being unable to be gainfully employed in a similar profession because of the head injury.

There is a gap buried down in the statute that provides help to TBI claimants if and when they are institutionalized, but until then, you are on your own, unless some attorney has pity on you.

This fraud of Colorado's worker's compensation division and the corrupt judges of the Office of Administrative Courts is not in the public's best interests, but is only in the best interests of special interest groups completely dominating the cost containment board and the board of Pinnacol Assurance. If it was in the public's best interest, the public would be voting to choose these board members, the judges would be voted in or out on public vote instead of being hired, the court system would not be separate, there would be juries and a public defender would make certain truly disabled claimants get their benefits so they are not reliant on public assistance or left litigating for 13 plus years, like Paula.

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In Project: Brainiacs
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