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Brian "Scoop" Nemeth
In Project: Brainiacs

Our special guest today is Brian "Scoop" Nemeth, 32, public access tv producer, student, developer of a swimwear clothing line, who may have suffered brain trauma during child abuse prior to 2000. Brian's diagnoses have included Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and a garden variety of others.

His symptoms include a lack of impulse control, angry outbursts, possibly Tourette's Syndrome, attention/focus problems and a strong feeling of being persecuted.

Considering Paula's symptoms include a lack of impulse control and angry outbursts, she witnessed some of Brian's symptoms and wondered if he, too, was actually a person struggling with trauma to his brain.

At this time, his psychologists have sought other caregivers, saying they are not "equipped" to deal with his special needs. But Paula perceives this as opportunity to reconsider the original diagnosis just in case he also has brain trauma visible on a Triple Tessla MRI.

We found a crowdfunding mechanism called "giveforward.com" devoted to medical care needs, where Brian's situation is listed under "3T4TBI" seeking funds to help him purchase a Triple Tessla MRI to find out.

Should his brainscans show trauma scars, he could potentially be included in research studies at Craig Hospital that would afford him one-on-one therapy with a brain injury specialist.

Without this help, Brian faces more than an uphill battle:  he is suspended from Metro State and could lose his financial aid, which could also impact his housing assistance and cut short his education and personal goals.

Brainiacs has already been listing things we CAN DO, so Governor Hickenlooper could dispose of entrenched attitudes of "we can't do anything." Because we can, with modern medicine.

At public access tv, a noncommercial station, we cannot ask you to buy, but we can suggest why you could take the next steps to help take a different path than others in similar situations.


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