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<p>PART ONE of a two hour Brainiacs show today features lots of tape from the Legislature, including: A brief interview with Rep. Dianne Primavera Senate Bill 5 re-authorizes the Colorado Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund, with witnesses including Kenny Hosack of Craig Hospital and Bill Levis, both of whom are longtimers with the trust fund. SB 104 designating counties to provide identification for foster children exiting the system. Paula ranting about SB132, which will repeal state help with prescriptions for the uninsured. Paula thinks we should send that money to the soldiers with brain injuries from defending OUR FREEDOMS. SB243 is handled in BrainiacsPARTTWO31409.mpeg Paula, who lost her worker's comp claim entirely, and is disabled by a brain injury, tries to refute James Buck, an attorney who for 30 years has represented employers to defeat the mentally impaired or otherwise assume all bonafide mental claims get treatment somehow somewhere. Paula says many of those folks are homeless or in prison at a $30,000 per year cost to the public, which is not what the worker's compensation system was originally designed to do. It is supposed to operate in the "best interests" of the public. Paula talks about the state auditor report on uninsured employers, the attorney general's refusal to enforce the law on false statements on the stand against employers, the state auditor's report that many claimants find it "impossible" to get legal representation, and many other indicators the system is as unfair as the special interest groups controlling all work comp boards wanted it to be. Fair? No way in hell is that nasty dishonest corrupt system fair, she says in so many words: her opinion after her family and marriage were destroyed by liars working for her former employer: U.S. Home Corporation and Lennar Corporation.</p>

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In Project: Brainiacs
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