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Denver Lyric Opera Guild's competition has named 10 winners to receive $33,000 in awards, and today we open the show with the fourth place winner, and we end the show with the top winner. Can you hit a HIGH C? Neither can I, but Christie can. And she makes it look and sound easy. Andrew Lundberg, tenor, is also incredible. They all were, so we will continue to bring you a few in the next few weeks.

The third hour of testimony in the Senate Judiciary Committee March 31, 2010 regarding the six worker's comp bills coming from the Pinnacol Interim Committee is the bulk of today's show. This hour includes testimony from a worker who fell 15 feet from scaffolding and suffered broken ribs and a fractured pelvis with a number of complications. Even so, he gets surveillance instead of his benefits.

Can you really believe that American citizens voted for this horrible corrupt worker's comp system? Neither can I. We didn't. And the public has ABSOLUTELY NO REPRESENTATION ON THOSE BOARDS of a state agency. That's an illegal puppet government.

So next week, watch for another installment of "ILLEGAL PUPPET GOVERNMENT" and in the meantime, call your legislators and express your opinions.

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