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<p>Host Jaime Lewis reviews a bit of the history of Memorial Day Holiday observance and we share part of the wreath laying ceremony at the Colorado Veterans Monument in City Park in Denver, as well as a few notes of Michael Lancaster, bagpipe instructor of michael@bagpipersinternational.com, who played at Olinger Cemetery over the Memorial Day weekend, and also plays there regularly. Keith Deutsch is a retired Army sargeant and a disabled athlete who reviews his experience at Walter Reed Hospital after losing a leg. Deutsch also reviews the opportunities for veterans, both in continuing education and athletic competition after the war. The Memorial Day wreath laying ceremony raw footage is ingested in the www.denveropenmedia.org system for those who wish to hear the remainder of the ceremony, and watch part of the parade. It is called "BrainiacsMemDayWreaths."</p>

Published: 5/30/2009 0 Comments
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Producer: prhoads
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Theme: Community Issues and Advocacy
In Project: Brainiacs
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