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In Project: Brainiacs

This well-rounded show includes the annual HANGOUT costume contest, a sugar buzz, educational brain anatomy, Shakespeare, a talking wall, and editorial comment from a STOP SIGN all packaged together with a sort-of Dickens-style warning of ghosts of Halloweens Past, Present and Future.

Will you be the pedestrian run over tonight by a texting drunk driver with no driver's license or insurance? Will you be the person disabled by a brain injury on the job while your employer has no worker's compensation insurance? Will you end up in the OASIS ROOM without any further rehab or without a spouse because of a brain injury?

While Halloween celebrates the dead and undead, we at Brainiacs attempt to warn viewers of the peril waiting for them just in case they can avoid this destiny by wearing a helmet while snow skiing, or biking or skateboarding or building houses.

Let's get serious now:

Melissa Abate, Family and Patient Counselor of Craig Hospital in Littleton, Colorado, spoke at the 27th Annual Brain Injury Association of Colorado about how she helps families of those with serious brain injuries deal with the overwhelming exhaustion and fear, and then grief sometimes.

Abate's speech is ingested, as are other speeches from the BIAC conference October 7 & 8, 2009, including Joe Lewis on the ADA, Dr. Malec on Vocational Rehab, Dr. Whiteneck on his random phone research on unreported brain injuries, and Dr. Jeanne Dise-Lewis of Children's Hospital, Denver, on Pediatric Brain Injury.

Meanwhile, sit back, relax, and enjoy Paula's attempts to learn brain anatomy in preparation for explaining it to a jury, because the State of Colorado did not enforce the law requiring her former employer, U.S. Home Corporation, to carry worker's compensation insurance according to law. So she is DEPRIVED of legal representation, and her benefits.

Host Paula Rhoads' lovely assistant is Miranda Hook, her daughter, combining various elements in her costume.

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In Project: Brainiacs
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