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In Project: Brainiacs

Judy Dettmar, CSU New Start Program coordinator and chair of the state Brain Injury Trust Fund board, presents research on a screening tool to identify students with brain injuries, many of whom do not adequately fit into other special education programs and who suffer greatly until accurate diagnoses brings accurate assistance. The full hour of research is in the denveropenmedia.org archives under BrainiacsKIDSTBI.mpeg.

Producer Paula Rhoads remembers Jeffrey Jones, a control room crew member of Brainiacs, artist and past President of the Hangout. And celebrates Eric Pusch's birthday with too much sugar. And blabs about George Carlin's screening tool for profanity not allowed on television when she proceeds to badmouth Judge Michael E. Harr of the office of administrative courts serving the worker's compensation division for his colusion with the defense, U.S. Home Corporation, which committed fraud in her worker's compensation case.

But the tape showing those details must wait until next week, at least.

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Producer: prhoads
Theme: Community Issues and Advocacy
In Project: Brainiacs
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