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Judge Michael Harr absolutely refuses to let claimant Paula Rhoads Hook put her RECEIPTS PROVING TIME LOST "into the record" during her worker's compensation kangaroo hearings, including handing them back, changing the rules to exclude all evidence entered before the hearings (which WAS allowed), and refusing to let her put them in front of lying defense witnesses.

Paula argues the state ATTORNEYGENERAL owes his services to the PEOPLE OF COLORADO and it is unethical for the AG to contract attorneys to insurance companies.

Paula also reviews U.S. Supreme Court 14th Amendment EQUAL PROTECTION cases requiring state agency boards to have a "rational basis" for how they are comprised, to be properly apportioned according to the purpose of the legislation, and to not "offend the U.S. Constitution" by creating a "stranglehold" or disenfranchising groups who bear the "economic burden" of a state agency.

Paula argues the Worker's Comp Act requires the Division and its boards to operate the agency in the "best interests of the public," which means all Colorado voters must be ENFRANCHISED. Even boards appointed by the governor must comply, according to these U.S. Supreme Court cases.

That means the current board reps are USURPERS, Paula argued, and the public owns the right to fill all seats on all worker's comp division boards.

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