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Pedestrians PREPARE to BEWARE this Halloween. We have several treats this time.

Pinnacol Hearings at the Legislature include testimony of injured workers videotaped by Pinnacol investigators, and Paula's recommendations on videotaping worker's comp hearings and prehearing exams by IMEs and lobbies of the Office of Administrative Courts so we will have a third party objective observer when things go wrong, like the inaudible transcripts of Paula's hearings.

Also, the Brain Injury Association of Colorado's awards ceremony honored Rep. Dianne Primavera, as well as longtime BIAC board member Pete Bruno.

And Dr. James Kelly, CU Prof of Neurosurgery, tells the BIAC conference of his new appointment as Director of the military's planned new facility next to Walter Reed Hospital to serve veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury.

Published: 10/23/2009 0 Comments
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In Project: Brainiacs
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