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BRAINIACS: Veronica's Harmonica
In Project: Brainiacs

There is no harmonica music here, but Ukulele songs run throughout as Paula, our host and producer, practices several songs between announcements of upcoming events for late October and early November in the brain injury community of Denver and beyond (Grand Junction).

Also featured is the guest commentary of Dr. Jean Milofsky, psychiatrist, who recently retired, but whom Paula rates as high in integrity.  Dr. Milofsky's commentary printed in last Sunday's Denver Post, is focused on noting that most gun violence is not spurred by the mentally ill. Dr. Milofsky's unique position allows her authority to provide detail of prior decades' attitudes, as well as current deficiencies because society moe recently eliminated most psychiatric hospital beds in the Denver and Colorado area.

Of course, Paula's comment is slightly contrary to Dr. Milofsky's position  because Paula considers Colorado's horribly corrupt worker's compensation system to be an intentionally cruel and oppressive treatment of people incapable of defending themselves against people like Dr. Robert E. Kleinman, whose fabricated false medical report was full of speculation and invention but sorely lacked the employer's records otherwise being fraudulently concealed.

The First Amendment provides protection for expressing these complaints against corrupt public officials like Administrative Law Judge Michael Harr, particularly when Paula can back them up with evidence that Judge Harr  methodically excluded and submerged in his quest to suppress the truth. Remember that libel is the publication or broadcast of FALSE defamatory comments. Further, Paula argues that the worker's comp system in Colorado  violates federal law and the Declaration of Independence because there is no "consent of the governed" or any public purpose when such kangaroo courts purposely discriminate against a specific type of disabled person for the unjust enrichment of Old Republic Insurance Company or anyone else, such as the criminals accepting bribes to fabricate false criminal charges against claimants according to C.R.S. 8-42-113.

Further, Judge Harr is the brother of Jim Harr, who employed Paula after her brain injury briefly, and before the hearings in which she repeatedly stated this. Judge Harr should have recused himself because of his bias, prejudice, conflict of interest and ABUSE OF DISCRETION.  Paula previously provided a copy of a prior show The Burning Cradle about child sexual abuse to Jim Harr at his request. The Harr family is apparently split and estranged from Michael Harr, as evidenced by the contested Harr probate. And this claimant should never have to prove more than an APPEARANCE of a conflict of interest. 

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In Project: Brainiacs
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