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Brainiacs Ukelele Songs
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Brain injury patients are advised to learn a new talent as a means of expanding their brain pathways. So today Paula shares a few songs she has learned recently. But first she discusses the GOP effort to defund OBAMACARE.

"Medical disinformation" is a topic recently requested, so Paula finishes references to federal law in 82 American Jurisprudence 2d on that subject. And follows it with the example of Dr. S.Gregory Hipskind's affidavit addressing the incorrect prescription of Paxil, and then shows how Administrative Law Judge Michael Harr denied due process by refusing to allow Paula her Constitutional rights to call and cross examine witnesses.

Incorrect prescriptions are "medical disinformation" allowing the tolling of the statute of limitations, but corrupt judges like Michael Harr impose additional barriers before disabled claimants to discriminate against them because they are disabled.

When judges seek to suppress the truth instead of discover it, the hearings are not fair, and due process is denied.

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In Project: Brainiacs
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